Are you a creative company looking for new ways to cultivate fresh ideas?

Or perhaps you are looking for new offerings as part of your wellness programme? 

Or maybe just something out of the box for your team or event like an ice bath challenge? 

Ice baths with Breathwork, sound therapy and psychedelic breath are all available for corporate days and events.

Benefits of cold water therapy include 

-increased immunity

-increased metabolism 

-better sleep

-Increased focus

-reduced inflammation/pain in the body 

-using the breath to stay calm in stressful situations 

Some benefits of psychedelic breath and sound therapy include 

-relaxation /theta brainwave state

-unlocking of creativity 

-feeling of euphoria 

-increased seratonin levels 

-stress reduction

-endorphin release (reduction of physical pain) 

-depression and anxiety relief

-improved immunity

-nervous system activation for relaxation or energy boost

Some examples of corporate offerings include;

-in person ice bath Challenge with Breathwork technique. 

-In person group psychedelic breath sessions. I come to your offices! (London & surrounding usually) 

-In person group Sound therapy sessions 

-In person group Sound therapy & breathwork combined

-in person or online mindfulness introduction and guided meditations 

-cacao ceremony plus any of above offerings 

-In person group yin yoga plus mindfulness MBSR for stress reduction

All offerings are available for corporate days and longer retreats in the UK and worldwide. 

More detailed information on cold water therapy, Sound Therapy and Psychedelic Breath can be found under the ‘offerings page’ 

For more Information or to book me for your workplace event on line or in person please click here 

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