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BREATH® facilitator, Sound healing therapsit and Mindfulness coach.

I also work with
plant medicine including Cacao, movment, crystals and Reike.

I'm a mother of two
and have been living in the Netherlands and Portugal for the last 6 years.

Passionate about
taking you beyond the mind with breath and sound, I guide you into a state of
bliss, oneness, deep relaxation and harmony.

Breath is the
connection between head and heart. To live from your heart is to live from your
truth. You can instantly change your state with your breath. The quickest and
easiest meditation is that of a single breath. A long deep Inhale through your
nose and a long slow outbreath through your mouth

Try this now...and feel yourself slowly arrive in your
body…in the present moment…the only moment

Sound is the harmonic pattern which is heard not only through our ears, but
through every cell in our bodies; a vibration that can touch the soul of every
individual. With sound we can change the rhythms of our heart beat, breath and
brain waves. Everything in our universe is constantly vibrating, including us.
Every atom, cell, tissue, organ and bone is vibrating and that vibration produces
sound whether or not we can hear it. Because we are all vibrating as sound, we
can use sound and intention to create balance and harmony in our bodies.

We are all our own
healers. I create a safe space using a range of ancient healing modalities to help
you access your own inner wisdom and healing

What I Offer